Scope of Service

[Annual physical] [sick/illness visit] [chronic disease management] [Medication/prescription] [Weight management] [ADHD][House call]

Alpharetta Family Medical Clinic offer patient centered family medical services. During the past 12 years, our office has grown tremendously largely from our patient's referral and has become one of the best medical clinic in the area. The well-known, Dr. Wu office, has become the trade mark of medical provider in our community. Our internal medicine service provides:

Annual Physical:

Our annual physical exam includes comprehensive physical exam, routine ECG, blood test (complete blood count, glucose, kidney and liver function, thyroid function, prostate exam for male, and Pap smear for women). All test results and recommendation from Dr. Wu will be sent to patient via patient portal within a week.

Sick/illness appointment:

We offer same day appointment for any acute sickness. Acutely ill patients are seen as the need arises during office hours. After hours, on weekends, and holidays, you can contact Dr. Wu by calling the office number. For life threatening problems, proceed to your nearest ER. Be sure to let the ER physician know that you are a patient of Dr. Wu so that they can contact Dr. Wu directly.

Chronic disease management:

As a broad certified internist, Dr. Wu offer intense, goal oriented approach for chronic disease management. Periodical follow up to monitor disease progression is required to ensure your long-term benefit and avoid side-effect as medication prescribed.


Your prescription is laser printed and ready at go while you at checkout desk. You may ask any question about your medication and prescription. Medication can be called-in to your pharmacy (please have your pharmacy phone # ready). As office policy, we do not call in any FDA controlled substance/medications. Our in-house medication dispensing program provide some the most common medications, including Z-pack, Cipro, Amoxicillin, etc. Your time travel to pharmacy is saved as well as your money.

Weight Reduction Program:

One of kind, 3-in-1 weight management program provide you Made-or-Miss approach for weight reduce. Exercise, diet and in-house dispensing diet medication with monthly monitoring given our patient the most needed motivation for weight loss. Our physician is broad certified internist and master-minded nutritionist (master degree in Nutrition from University of Georgia).

ADHD clinic:

Young professional are the faster growing segment patient group with needed focus ability to complete their job and school assignment. We offer quick, no hassle, medication-specified once a month physician face-to-face office visit for medication refill.

House Call:

We are the only physician available in Alpharetta area to offer house call. Set fee will apply for each visit to your home and we do not bill insurance for this service.


Financial Policy:

We participate with Medicare, Medicaid, and many other insurance plans. You are responsible for co-payments and deductible at the time our services are provided. We provides affordable medical services for patient without health insurance. Please feel free to discuss the fees and payments as needed.