Calculating your cost:

Competitive pricing. No hiden-cost.

Factor 1: age

0-15: if you are younger than 15, factor 1 = 150

16-64: if you are 16 or older, factor 1 = 230

Factor 2: immunization record

If you are 18 or younger, please have your immunization record ready as you come in to see our Civil Surgeon. You will need to have complete immunization seriers for DTap, Polio, Hepatits B, MMR, varicella, and meningitis. Consult your family/pediatitian to have your complete immunization record. In case you do not have complete immunization record, we offer full range immunization shot in our office, the price only can be determined after you are evaluated by our Civil Surgeon.

If you are older than 18, you will only need to have immunization record to prove completion of Td/Tdap within last 10 years, MMR (record for two shots), and Varicella (record for two shots). During the flu season (September 1 to March 31), you will also need to have flu shot. Your factor 2 will be:

Has complete immunization record: 0

No immunization record at all: 100; (including Tdap, titer test for MMR and varicella)

Has record, but will need:

Tdap       60

MMR       70

Varicella  120

Flu shot   25

TAP, Tdap, Hepatitis B, Polio, Hib, PVC, MMR, Varicella, Hepatitis A, Meningitis, Flu vaccination,

Factor 3: PPD skin test result

This factor can only be determined after our Civil Surgeon reviewed your PPD test. Most of you should leave this factor as Zero from now.

Reactive: 50 (for chest x-ray)

Non-reactive: 0

Factor 4: syhilis test result

This factor can only be determined after your RPR test result availble. Most of you should leave this factor as Zero from now.

Reactive: Your cost only can be determined based on the treatment regiment recommended by our Civil Surgeon.

Non-reactive: 0

(factor1) + (factor2) +(factor 3) + (factor 4) = [your final cost)

Quote: Click to link to USCIS. Instructions for Report of Medical examination and Vaccination Record

Who pays for the medical exam?

The applicant is responsible for paying all the cost of the medical exam, including the cost of any follow-up test or treatment that may be required. Payments are made directly to the Civil Surgeon or other health care facility.